BJP’s Sonia becomes the head of UP block; Husband does the work of sweeper

Sunil Kumar never imagined that his wife would one day become the chief of the same Uttar Pradesh block where he used to sweep.

Sonia, a BJP member, just took over as the president of the Baliakheri block in Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh, after winning the block chief elections earlier this month.

Sunil has worked in the Baliakhedi block as a sanitation worker for many years. Sonia, his wife, is a typical homemaker. Sunil enlisted the help of his BA pass wife to run for BDC. Following the election, the race for the position of Block Pramukh began. According to the reservation, the BJP was aiming for educated women from Scheduled Castes.

When BJP leader Mukesh Chaudhary recommended the name BDC Sonia, the party unanimously agreed. Sonia now had the BJP’s support. The opponents withdrew one by one in a tug-of-war, and Sonia was chosen unopposed as Block Chief of Balliakhedi.

The job of Baliakheri block chief was set aside for Schedule Castes. Mukesh Chaudhary, a BJP leader and district panchayat member, nominated Sonia, a 26-year-old educated woman, for the position.
Sonia stated that her husband and family were supportive of her journey. She aims to contribute to the village’s growth.

Sunil, on the other hand, has decided to keep his work. Sonia claims that her house is still supported by her husband Sunil’s earnings.

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